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Get What YOU Want And Deserve! Congratulations on discovering The Original Amalaki Fruit natural functional health beverage and our professional Zrii Independent Executive leadership team. Bill Farley, the multi-successful proven entrepreneur has founded a powerful new category creator nutritional company and opportunity, and now YOU can join him!

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science in ZRII

The ancient time proven writings of Ayurvedic Medicine, which translates into "Knowledge of Life", hold some of the oldest and most complete historical medical texts on healthy living existing on record. Within this expansive group of medical texts there exists hundreds of specific herbal formulations and herbal remedies designed to deliver maximum potency and efficacy balancing the body naturally. With this cherished amalaki juice fruit botanical formula, look to maintain the body in an improved state of balanced health and overall mild detoxification. Ayurveda focuses upon energy and balance for each individual person. In this next generation AMALAKI formula ZRII, the health properties of plant based ingredients enhance or synergize the efficacious properties of each carefully chosen blended botanical -and it is this natural blend of synergism that provides pan-systemic support through adaptogens, natural body benefits, and rejuvenation resulting in the icon - Amalaki The Great Rejuvenator!

In studying authoritative writings and original texts of classic ayurveda teachings the Zrii team set the highest health standards with the goal:  why not combine the benefits of pure knowledge, ancient wisdom, modern nutritional science and phytonutrient technology to create a winning synergistic blend, that not only has universal appeal and enlivening taste sensation, but has a pharmacological formulation like no other fruit juice or liquid nutritional currently available in the global market?  With this specific juice blend of amalaki and select fruits and herbs the end result is delicious nourishment and cellular enrichment. Zrii amalaki with the primary ingredient Amalaki, or Emblica Officinalis, is enhanced through careful and tedious processing using international quality standards resulting in a world-class drink that other organic fruit based juices can't equal in value to the consumer -with no preservatives. A complete company Zrii Review will enlighten you on the company and juice benefits.

ZRII AMALAKI JUICE Nutritional Profile

With the new Zrii Amalaki Nutritional Profile, the amla or amalaki stands in its own classification like no other super-food formula discovered to date, regardless of origin. This liquid nutritional dietary supplement contains Amalaki Fruit, Turmeric, Jujube, Tulsi, Ginger, Haritaki fruit, and Schizandra fruit, in a proprietary all natural blend of white grape juice, pear puree, concord grape, lime, cranberry, pomegranate, raspberry, and vegetable juice.  It is easy on the tongue having exquisite flavors with no artificial preservatives.

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Ayurveda-Based 7 Botanical Formulation

According to world famous ayurvedic principles the amalaki, which is called the amla fruit in India, is a foundational building block substance in the natural health field of Ayurveda
having considerable legacies of beneficial use in field practice. The amalaki botanical is highly regarded as a centerpiece nutrient rejuvenating food revered as a preferred natural plant medicine promoting anti-aging and other notable benefits. In addition Amla is regularly chosen above many similar Ayurveda foods used in India for ayurveda practice for centuries. The Amla nutritive profile is chronicled in medial studies and schools of pharmacy from scientific laboratories.  The fruit's benefits and potential are evident in many personal amalaki testimonials from people consuming it as part of their daily whole food regimen for a wide variety of health challenges. It is believed that the AMLA is a potent plant-based superfood due its phytonutrients and rejuvenative properties for restorative cellular health.  There exists a considerable body of independent Amalaki Research in notable peer reviewed medical journals and abstracts contained in the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health for your review.

ZRII OPPORTUNITY -Your Timing Is Perfect!

In September 2006 the idea of this cutting edge company ZRII was born when the founders of the Chopra Center conveyed the message to Bill Farley about amalaki fruit.  In August of 2007 the pre-registration process began and the Zrii Business Opportunity was launched allowing Independent Distributors to secure new business positions. The Official Pre-Launch monumental event opened October 1, 2007 enabling online signups and next day shipments in North America. Our Zrii Convention marked the official launch May 21, 2008. To date our customer base has grown to over 4,000 satisfied customers and members.

Tired of Ordinary Companies; The True ZRII STORY Is One For The Record Books -Learn More Here!

What makes this company a 'grand slam' in the wellness marketplace is not merely a great opportunity, but a world-class leader emergence? Every element needs to be aligned perfectly in order to attract a quality and motivated Independent Distributor force including:   Experienced Management Team; Lucrative and Equitable Compensation Plan both for the Novice and the Professional Business Builder; Superior Timing; Monthly Consumable Product That Crosses All Demographic Barriers; Product With Efficacy That People Continue To Purchase Monthly and Reorder Creating Residual Incomes; Competent Teams of Business Coaches And Mentors; Critical Thinking Necessary To Recognize What Priorities and Actions To Take; and Fortune 100 Branding. The future is indeed very bright and focused for this young energized company with it's ZRII Amalaki mission defined with a evident passion for excellence.

Our leadership team is ready to go to work for you either full time or part time -whatever it takes to achieve what you're seeking with your ZRII membership goals and objectives. Wellness Industry Leaders will help you achieve optimal results in this wholesale distributor opportunity. Bill Farley and Zrii LLC Corporate have done their part by consulting with expert medical doctors and nutritional professors creating this highly recommended proprietary amalaki fruit drink known as

ZRII Taking The Market By Storm

The Zrii Limited Liability Corporation is taking the market by storm and gaining notoriety from the
Chopra Wellness Center Endorsement.  Our business plan not only helps dedicated people gain improved health and wellness, but also provides professional development and assistance towards achieving financial gain. Zrii is the right company at the right time!  Our professional marketing and support team gives you full-time Support; Sales Tools and 24/7 recruiting systems; Weekly Live Opportunity presentations and archived recorded calls; Compensation Plan training on the Multiple Income Stream Features; Proven Target Marketing programs including a great amalaki fruit business national advertising co-op that delivers targeted advertising & link building.

Zrii Fastest Growing Team
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You will get the Power & Leverage of being First To Market plus learn all about the most recent Zrii News and Events release updates.  Timing is Everything Don't Wait A Single Moment Longer To Start a Zrii Independent Executive Business and Buy Amalaki wholesale. Learn about network marketing compensation plans today.

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Examine our Zrii Milestones and Business Accomplishments achieved as of August 2008. The Zrii Comp Plan is Lucrative, Powerful, Revolutionary and Market Proven. This full-time professional Networking team presents a Legitimate Business Opportunity.  If you like Fitness or Health and Wellness you've got to try this product.  Because of it's natural health value Zrii Juice Has Received the Chopra Center Endorsement for high quality botanical products from nature.

The Chopra Center is a registered trademark of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. ZRII and The Original Amalaki are registered trademarks of Zrii LLC.


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